We believe that a career should be both fulfilling and financially rewarding. The perks of working as a financial adviser representative here at XLITUDE include a high earning potential, attractive opportunities for career advancement, flexible hours and other unique bonuses. As a financial adviser representative, you can see rapid increments to your income, as your earnings are directly influenced by the time and effort put into your work. 

Based on our past records, successful financial adviser representatives at XLITUDE have the potential to receive renumeration between $70,000 to $100,000 within their first year.

Growth is a priority for us at XLITUDE. Training and development programs are available to all our financial adviser representatives, regardless of your level of experience, and we heavily encourage members of our team to pursue them.

Financial advisory is a job that comes with flexible hours and the ability to manage your own work tasks. You have more time for recreation and hobbies, as well as time to spend with your loved ones. Other benefits of this career include potential attractive perks such as target bonuses and overseas trips with airfare and accommodation provided based on individual performance.


Empower Others Financially

Wealth management can be a complicated landscape, requiring expert knowledge and experience to navigate. As a result, the role of a financial adviser representative is crucial in empowering individuals to optimally manage their finances. It is also necessary in helping businesses grow and manage their assets. Hence, your work will help others plan for their future.



The scope of financial advising is wide, and your tasks may vary from day to day. Our financial adviser representatives are encouraged to take initiative in executing their duties, which include:

• Periodic reviews of your clients’ financial circumstances
• Creating financial strategies that meet their needs
• Performing risk analyses for their portfolios
• Keeping current on key trends in the market

The range and variety of products we work with will address your clients’ needs for income protection, savings and investments, healthcare, retirement, business continuity and estate planning.



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Other Career Opportunities with Xlitude


Xlitude is run by a tribe of young vibrant professionals whom are passionate in educating people, not only around them but also to as many people they can reach out to. They aim to transmit the importance of financial literacy, and impact everyone who crosses paths with them. They have a strong offline presence and now, they are bringing it ONLINE!

  • Assist in Digital Marketing Associate/ Business Development Associate roles

You will be given extra allowance if performance is beyond expectations and there is no minimum time frame to that.

If you are…
• An undergrad or JUST graduated (at least diploma & above)
• Looking to explore and gain experience with a team of vibrant professionals (no experience needed)
• On site training will be provided
• Cognitively motivated with new ideas and implementations
• Work well under pressure
• Energetic and resourceful
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Possesses skillsets like:
Photoshop, Video Editing Softwares & Filming skills
• Singaporean or PR

Then contact us now!

3 Months

Business Development Executive

  • Formulate training programmes for growth development.
  • Provide creative ideas for content marketing
  • Assist in formulation of strategies to build relationship with clients
  • Develop and execute team building strategies
  • Self-motivated & takes initiative
  • Team Player
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Good PR skills
  • Basic photoshop skills


Take a chance at success


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Liu Xinlin

Financial advising was my first job upon graduation, and while it was not my idea of a dream job initially, it is a job that has helped me fulfill all my dreams. In my 10 years in this career I have been able to make significant progress not just financially but in all aspects of life and physical wellbeing.

This path is not the easiest one, especially in the early years of this business. However, I believe that true entrepreneurship means living a few years of my life like most people won’t, so that I can spend the rest of my life like most people can’t. That kept me going till today, where I have established myself and built a steady stream of passive income.

Now, I am able to focus on grooming like-minded individuals to achieve their career and life goals. It is extremely fulfilling to me to help others realise their potential and attain their desired career progression. First dream your painting before you paint your dream – if you don’t start planning and working for yourself you will most likely fall into someone else’s working plans.

Thus, if you have the grit and desire to be out of the rat race, I welcome you in joining our family!

Lee Wei Hung

After taking this leap of faith, I am glad to say that I have changed my life for the better. This move was unquestionably a make or break given the fact that I was already of a certain age, along with a family to support. Making the decision to switch my career from an Architect Designer to a Financial Planner meant that I was starting out again with zero knowledge and experience.

Fortunately, it not only benefited me financially, as my income doubled within one year of joining, but I also managed to achieve time flexibility so that i can take part in my son’s growing up stage. Isn’t this the kind of life everyone wish to have – time flexibility along with financial capabilities?

In addition, this business has given me room for creativity in designing my clients’ portfolios, a factor which I may not be able to exert fully in the corporate world. It gives me a great sense of achievement when my clients are happy with their customised financial plans. It also makes it extra meaningful to know about people’s pasts, hearing what’s important to them, and their goals in life.

Since everyone’s path is unique, I am delighted to have gleaned wisdom from each and every one of my clients.

Geraldine Er

As a full-time Accounting student, I have superseded my peers, and even seniors who have graduated, through becoming a Financial Adviser Representative. Not only is my income twice of fresh graduates, I also have the privilege of going for sponsored trips to exotic countries.

In my perspective, travelling for free multiple times in a year is a luxury that most students want but are unable to do so because of the financial burden young adults face in their early stages of life.

Thankfully, because of this rewarding career, I have no problems paying off my school fees while studying and can even afford a car (to save time shuttling between school and work) in just a year after starting my life as a Financial Adviser Representative. This is made possible because of how the career is structured, and I’m blessed to be able to cross paths with this opportunity. I believe that despite having only 24 hours in a day, juggling both school work and a career is possible as long as one has the drive and determination to succeed.

As a student, this career has definitely brought me lots of fun as I get to socialise and meet different people from all walks of life, and as a beautiful result, I always manage to learn a thing or two from each unique individual I have met in this career.

Fun, Fulfillment and Financial Freedom, are the 3 Fs I’m looking for (definitely not the F grade) while I’m still studying, and I’m thankful that I’ve found it here at Xlitude.