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We are a group of financial adviser representatives who are passionate in educating people around us on financial planning. We believe that everyone deserves to live with dignity and not rely on charity in their lifetime. And the only way to do this is through financial literacy. Just like how education could be one way out of poverty, financial education is no doubt, one of the strongest weapon against income inequality. Hence, our mission is to assist as many responsible people as possible, and guide them in giving themselves and their love ones the best in life! 

As education impacts whoever we touch bases with, doing the right thing is essential, not what is easy nor what is popular. And in order to be consistent with this philosophy, having the right mental attitude is of paramount. That’s how we came up with our slogan, ” Excel with the Right Attitude” and derive our group name from it – Xlitude (pronounced as Ex-seh-Li-Tude)

Xlitude is who we are and we hope we can bring more like-minded individuals on this Life’s Great Journey with us; be it as an active contributor within the team or supportive group of clients from all around.

May you lead a happy and healthy life, with every step guarded with peace of mind!


Liu Xinlin, Pioneering Xlitude Group
On behalf of all Xlitude Members

The Xlitude Team

Xlitude is a group of qualified financial adviser representatives, affiliated to Office of Philip Loh (OPL), representing The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited. Our aim is to create a group of passionate financial adviser representatives, guided by a commitment to excellence and positive attitude in all areas of work, delivering the best service to our clients.