Wealth Protection

No one can predict the future, as such it is important to build a safety net for peace of mind. Xlitude provides a wide range of wealth protection strategies. Not sure which is the most suitable for your current circumstance? Get in touch with us to to find out more.


As true as it is, “Health is Wealth”. We all wish to have great health throughout this lifetime, but anything adverse might lead to disastrous effect on our savings. So how can we protect our wealth when the health requires attention?

Do you care for your love ones as long as you are alive or as long as they are alive? Protection is bought not because one will die, but because others have to live.  

What is your greatest asset? What provides you with the current standard of living right now? You. Yes you. You = income. Have you protected it?

If given a choice, would you want to downgrade your house, car, quality of food, do off with travel, entertainment, and social life, just because you didn’t plan it right?

The strategy you use today carries significant financial impact as your mortgage is likely one of your largest liability this lifetime. Have you evaluated and planned it right?