Mother’s Day Giveaway Event!


Event Date

May 9, 2021


9 Baskets for 9 Lucky Mothers! Check out the carousel on how to participate in this 1-time exclusive giveaway event!
What’s inside the $100+ Gift Basket?
  • Adjustable Sleep Mask in Grey / Pink (comes with Cooling Gel and Bag Holder)
  • The Scent Supply Co. White Tea Diffuser Fragrance Oil
  • Touchland Citrus Power Mist Hand Sanitiser
  • Hexagonal Muscle Massager
  • Silicone Shampoo Scalp Massager
  • Konjac Facial Cleanser in Pink / Ivory
  • Body Loofah Scrub
  • Preserved Carnation Table Garden by Floradise
Because all mothers are precious, this event is open to all! So hurry, call your friends, grab your siblings, because 9th May is the day we celebrate with 9 lucky mummies!