Chua Shu Ning Angeline (Rep No. CSN300100210)

Angeline upholds the belief that everyone can lead a good life through proper educated financial planning. With minimal effort, anyone can achieve a good life through commitment and responsibility towards their life goals. She aspires to connect with genuine care, value add with wealth planning knowledge and hopes every client she builds a relationship with can ultimately achieve a better standard of living for themselves.

Rep No. CSN300100210


Diploma in Engineering Informatics, Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication (Multimedia)

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Xlitude is a group of financial adviser representatives representing The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited.  We are a team of qualified financial advisers representatives, affiliated to Office of Philip Loh (OPL). Our aim is to create a group of passionate financial advisors, guided by a commitment to excellence and positive attitude in all areas of work, delivering the best service to our clients.